And the List Just Got Longer

Vancouver Giants have added a couple of names to their alumni list.  Evander Kane (5th overall in 2009) and James Wright (117th overall in 2008) will be staying in the NHL.  Kane, just 18, has been told by the Atlanta Thrashers to move out of the hotel he's been staying at and find a place to live.  Wright, 19, has played his 10th game under the Tampa Bay Lightning and appears to be staying as well.

Evander, I'm happy for you.  But you said you'd come back for another season!  Alright, you said you'd try.  No matter what, I'm glad that your greatest dreams have come true.  I've seen you play a couple of your games and you fit right in.  But I'm expecting something from you soon!

James, you stink!  Jokes.  You're alrights.  Fine!  You're pretty spanking.  I'm glad to have seen you play your final season with the Giants very, very well - even if we didn't get the result we wanted.  Can't say much about you because we never did go over that bonding time.  What the spades?!  You better holler back when you touch back in Vancouver!

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