"¡Hola!" From La Liga

Real Madrid v. Getafe @ Santiago Bernabeu
2-nil FT

Real Madrid coming off of a humiliating 4-nil loss to Alcoron in the Copa del Rey.  Getafe are trying to continue their win-streak after a 2-nil win against Athletic Bilbao.

First half wouldn't be in either of the two teams best starts.  Sure, both teams applied pressure and what-not but producing chances and goals, the answer is no.  Neither of the goalies were put in some crazy save positions.

But something interesting would happen in the first.  It involves everybody's favourite man to hate, the ref.  28', the ref flashed the red card to Raul Albiol for tugging on a Getafe shirt to prevent from a scoring chance.  I think it was a bit harsh of a motion, but it was deserving of a call.  A yellow maybe but not a red.

Just two minutes later, the ref would pull out the cards again!  These calls were completely stupid and unneccessary!  Both Marcelo and Xabi Alonso got flashed the yellow for doing who knows what!  Marcelo, I think, got it for the dive and Xabi's... I have no bloody clue.  Raul was up in arms at the bench about the call because it was completely uncalled for and not card worthy!  I don't care about giving them the free kick but the card?  Really?  The rest of the half, the ref favoured Getafe because I strictly recall there being 3 missed fouls-committed!  (Yes, I'm a Real fan too.)

But some wonderful plays were be produced in the second half!  At the 53', Marcelo creates the wonderful pass to Gonzalo Higuain across the box.  Higuain would knock it down with the chest and after a good strike of the boot, GOOOOAALLL~!  Very good control by Higuain and very smart of Marcelo to create the pass.

3 minutes later though, it the world starts to crumble!  Not Real's, Getafe's.  Karim Benzema passes the ball to an oncoming Higuain and another good boot later, we get our second goal!  Very nice, very nice.  This Argentine was a wonderful acquisition.  It's a wonder he's only played for Argetina just once (or twice) before.

Higuain had another wonderful chance to complete hat trick but he hit the far side of the far post!  So close!  Higuain would be denied any more chances to complete the hat trick because at 77', he made way for our captain, Raul! 

After a complete mess up of a first half, second half was a lot better.  Not just because of the goals, but because we capitalised our chances and we created them.  And our defence was better than the first as well.

The Man of the Match:

Getafe's manager's reaction to the goals:

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