The National Hockey League

  • Edmonton Oilers vs. Boston Bruins: 0-2 Final (Report)
  • Carolina Hurricanes vs. Philadelphia Flyers: 1-6 Final (Report)
  • Atlanta Thrashers vs. Ottawa Senators: 3-1 Final (Report)
    • Ondrej Pavelec was by far the best player in this afternoon game.  BY FAR!  The only shot he let was a bit of a lucky one but the amount of saves he made.  And some of them were very acrobatic!  One moment in the game, he lost his helmet but he continued to play and stop the next shot before the whistle was called.  That is some incredible perserverance!

  • New Jersey Devils vs. Tampa Bay Lightning: 2-1 Final S/O (Report)
  • Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens: 4-5 Final S/O (Report)
  • Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Islanders: 0-5 Final (Report)
    • What a night for Jeff Tambellini!  A hat trick and one of his goals was pretty nifty!  The first one that went through his legs.  Wow.  And his father, Steve Tambellini, was in the building to witness the greatness of his son.  Follow this link to see all three! 
  • Minnesota Wild vs. Pittsburgh Penguins: 2-1 Final (Report)
  • Florida Panthers vs. St. Louis Blues: 4-0 Final (Report)
  • Dallas Stars vs. Nashville Predators: 2-4 Final (Report)
  • Anaheim Ducks vs. Phoenix Coyotes: 2-3 Final S/O (Report)
  • Detroit Red Wings vs. Calgary Flames: 3-1 Final (Report)

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