On All Hallow's Eve...

Fulham v. Liverpool @ Craven Cottage
3-1 FT

Liverpool coming off of an amazing win over their bitter rivals Manchester United last week, but outside of the Premier League, they're coming off of a 2-1 loss to the French club, Olympique Lyonnais in the UEFA Champions League.  Fulham is coming off of a draw with Manchester City the previous week and a draw with AS Roma in the UEFA Europa Cup.

The match would pick up at the 24'.  Fulham's Bobby Zamora plowed through Liverpool to get to the ball and one boot later, the ball was at the back of the net.  Pepe Reina was all over the place trying to get to it and he should've had it!  I really can't wrap my head around how this happened.

But Liverpool never goes down without a fight.  43' we fought and we came out on top.  Fernando Torres with a beautiful strike to make it a 1-all game.  When I say beautiful, I mean it.  Hard, right by the post, and low.  That's the kind of strike you want to take to HT.  That's the kind of strike you take to keep yourself in the game.

We'd come back from the tunnel for the second half and just when you think we could keep ourselves in the game, we falter.  (If you haven't figured by now, I'm a LFC supporter.  Reds all the way!)  After Dirk Kuyt kept the ball in play, he was stripped of it by a Cottager.  Reina got a touch off of the initial cross strike but it got pass him to another awaiting Cottager.  A short header pass from him to Erik Nevland and quick as a flash, Nevland powered it into the net.

After this, everything would go down hill for the Reds.  At 79' and 83', Philipp Degen and Jamie Carragher picked up red cards and get kicked out of the match.  Pissed me off!  Both of them were sent off for harsh challenges but there was a flaw in that action.  Sure, Degen kind of deserved to be sent off but Carra did not!  It was a bit of a messy challenge but was it really neccessary to show him the red?  I think not!

Fulham would add one more from Clint Dempsey to seal the deal for the home team.

I must clearly question our squad this season.  Where did the 2nd place squad from last season go?  And the 3rd before that?  It looked like we were on our way to the top, but that looks very dim now.  We all know Xabi left and that left us in the dark about what and who to put in that position, but one person does not make the team!  We rely too heavily upon the likes of Steven Gerrard (who was out again with his groin injury), Fernando Torres and the former Xabi Alonso.  Football is played with 11 players, not one.  We don't need to win this season but I'd like to at least finish in the top 4.  Never in my days would I think it was us to fall out of the top 4 positions.

Click for the Liverpool Match Report.

The beautiful strike from a front angle:

And from the back angle:


And to sum up how I felt after all of this... (courtesy of Rafa Benitez and Carra)

Images from my computer and DayLife

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