We have been born! Well, it.

I'm not going to admit to being the best of bloggers/writers/journalists/whatever. I will, on the other hand, admit to being a mediocre one at best. I just enjoy writing in all shapes and forms.

My posts view my perspectives and do not neccessarily reflect anyone else. If they aren't mine, I will reference to the mastermind they came from.

I hate first posts like this. You have nowhere to begin.

So... a little about me, eh? Cool beans? Alrighties. (Point and case, I'm not the best transistor.)
I express a young view. By young view, I mean most people wouldn't take me seriously unless I made a really good point backed up with a lot of evidence. My intentions for starting this blog was just to relieve myself of stress and sort of document things that I would like to remember (because I forget many things often).

Now about this new baby-project of mine. I plan on mainly focusing on athletics. More importantly, hockey. Some other sports will get mentions and what-not but hockey will dominant. (I'm Canadian. What can you do?) This will come second to school; this means some days I'll post; some I won't. Updates could be a day behind but it's a documentation, right?

Well, most of what I've wanted to say has been said. Next post will be about what I actually planned on what this blog would be about.


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