An Exploits of a Writer

Thank you for taking the time to read this!  This is my application for the Students Live competition.

“Why should I be a Students Live reporter for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games?”

That was the question posed for us to answer. Dozens will apply, but only 24 will be bestowed the honour. So, what makes me so special and different from all the rest? What really makes me suitable to be a reporter? But most importantly, why should I be one of the lucky 24?

I may not be the most experience or well-versed of students applying but what makes me a suitable reporter is that I have the heart of writing and the drive to do just that! Many times before have I written. From poems, novels, short-stories to articles, journals, and blogs. You name it, I’ve probably written it.  I believe that writing is not just telling someone the facts; it’s about expression. Expression of one’s self and that of the story. (Just search up 'Addyliners' on Mibba.com, there are some of my works.)

What really makes me different from the rest is that I don’t just see one side of things. First, I am the fan. I get caught up in the moment and let emotions run their highs and lows without any binds. A loss can bring crushing devastation on my heart as a win can bring blissful euphoria to sweep across my body. Secondly, I am the athlete. Years of playing sports, I have become accustomed to losing and winning. Every game you put in your all, but sometimes you come up short. You’re not going to get the outcome you want every night but there are those weird nights were a win won’t show what was really earned from the game.

I should be a lucky 24th because not only do I write, but I play my sports with heart and passion (like I have previously mentioned). There isn’t a season where I take a seat back and do nothing. I play tennis, football/soccer, golf, (formerly) basketball, volleyball, and dance. And even when I’m not playing, I’m in the sport either as a referee, scorekeeper, or fan. I could not imagine a world without athletics.

Athletics were really what kept me going in school, too. I needed the other to compute my everyday life. Sports got me to finish my homework (well of course) and homework was what kept me in sports. If I didn’t understand something, I tried to apply to sports and usually then did everything start to make sense (if that failed, there was always food). 

I've coached various sports and I have also played them.  I support my community from the small dance shows to the Vancouver Canucks.  There isn't an athletic pebble in this community that I have not looked over.  I support my Canucks, Giants, and Whitecaps - just ask my closet.  But from the juniors to pro's, the team that will always have a fancy in my heart are my SCT (Sir Charles Tupper) Tigers - my school.

(Author's note)

This tale has gotten long enough, I suppose and I have to say sorry for taking up so much of your time.  I'd just like to take this time to say thank you for reading and considering it.  But I do have one last thing to say before I am finish.  Being chosen as one of the 24 will help immensely in one of my career paths of journalism.  Not only that, but a sports journalist.

Just a little more self-promotion.  I am a good interviewer.  I take pride in being quick on my feet and quite clever with my words.  Sometimes it might not be the smartest things to have been said, but somehow all works out in the end.  I speak two languages fluently (English and Tagalog/Philippino) and am semi-fluent in French and Spanish.

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