Game of the Night

(Andrew Raycroft as he stops a puck)

Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks @ GM Place
0-3 Final

A couple of the Avs return home.  Kyle Cumiskey (Abbostford), Scott Hannan (Richmond), and David Jones (lives in North Vancouver).  Well, welcome home buddies.  Hope we aren't too hostile in your welcoming party.

Canucks have the worst record against Colorado.  We haven't won one against them in the longest time!  I think Colorado is the only team happy to face Luongo.  Last time we played them, we loss 0-3 at the Pepsi Center.  Craig Anderson got the shut-out an Luongo was the losing goalie.

Before I get into the game, I'd like to get this out of my system.  Matt Duchene!!  MATT DUCHENE!!  MATTHEW DUCHENE!!  (Yes, I am a fan.)

As I listened to the last period of the Giants' match, I watched the first of the Canucks'.  Right when Craig Cunningham scored in the Giants game, Mason Raymond netted one for us too!  Mase scooped up the loose puck after Alex Edler left a big rebound with his hard shot.  Mase just buried it into the goal!

I have to give to Colorado though.  Despite being down a goal, they are playing very well!  They kept creating chances, registering shots, and they haven't taken their foot of the pressure pedal.  Just excellent effort!  But you don't get points for effort unless you win.

We start the second period in the best of ways!  I haven't seen this kind of production from the Canucks this early in the second period for a long while now.  Shift after shift, we generated just bloody brilliant chances!  On this play, Mason played the puck back up to Sami Salo at the point.  Sami having our second hardest shot, slapped it on target.  Craig Anderson got a snippet of it, but it went through his glove hand and trickled through the crease very slowly.  But like this was all planned, Ryan Kesler was right at the post and when he saw it wasn't in yet, he put wood/pylon to rubber and tucked the puck in for our second goal of the night!

The Avalanche would try out their PK against the NHL's 2nd ranked PP.  Yup, that's right.  Vancouver is ranked 2nd in PP rankings with 27.9%.  But Colorado is the League's 2nd best PK team with 87.1%

The third period was a bit slower than the previously played two.  But there was still some action!  Our second line has been on fire for us getting us our two first goals.  This time, though, it will be our third line doing the goal producing.  Tanner Glass and Kyle Wellwood had the 2-on-1 against Scott Hannan.  Glass looked up to see Welly, but instead of passing, he took the shot himself.  Anderson just got a bit of it as it jumps on him and went into the net for Glass's first as a Canuck.

With the 3 goals and win, Andrew Raycroft gets his first shut-out as a Canuck!!  I'm so proud of him.  Shows you, Colorado, what a former 3 GAA goalie can do!  And I think we've found the cure to defeating the Avs!  Don't put Louie in net against them!

3 stars:
(1) Andrew Raycroft
(2) Ryan Kesler
(3) Mason Raymond

Good night for the Canucks.  They didn't rest on their lead but there was a slow down in the third period.  But they didn't completely collapse into their defensive selves!  We kept offensive and defensive pressure to give Ray-zor his shut-out.

I like Anderson's expression of emotion.

Image credits to my computer and DayLife.

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