I'm a Happy Giant

Chilliwack Bruins vs. Vancouver Giants @ Pacific Coliseum
2-8 Final

Yes, you read right.  The score was 2-8 by the end of 60 minutes.  Very good performance by the boys in black after losing to the Hitmen two nights ago.  Chilliwack coming off of a win yesterday over the same team, hope to continue winning and keep Vancouver losing so they can close that 5-point standings gap.

Of course when we lose, we come back stronger than ever.  Nothing was different tonight.  Just 98 clicks into the opening period and we've already got a goal!  My shining star, Craig Cunningham worked the puck amazingly well and after all that work, he unselfishly gives the puck to Lane Scheidl who nets his first goal as a Giant!  Bet you're going to keep that in your memory vault, eh, Lane?

Near the half-way mark, Chilliwack wanted to try out how good our penalty kill was.  You don't get to being the W's #1 penalty-killing team just by luck.  They get nearly two minutes of 5-on-3 time, but they cannot capitalize on their two-man advantage!  Do you really think that if the W's #1 power-playing team (Calgary Hitmen) was 0/4 last night that you could muscle one in?  I don't think so, mate!

Swing over to the second and with our one goal lead, we blow it up!  It's another early goal, this one coming in at 2:08.  Former drunk bud, Mike Piluso had the great forecheck!  He'd dish the puck out for Craig and then somehow, JT Barnett made garbage into gold!  How many times has JT done that?

I love watching bouncy pucks.  Especially when the go into the back of the net!  Cass Mappin worked the blueline, drove hard along the outside, and got the puck in the crease.  Great effort for our third goal of the night!

Somehow, at one point of the second, Lance Bouma drew a penalty on his breakaway.  No one really saw it except for the ref that called it.  The ref awarded Bouma with the penalty shot but when Lance shot, Mark Friesen stopped him.

Nearing the end of the period, Mitch McColm initiated a fight with our captain.  Lance's expression was like, "Oh really now?" and he started giving McColm hits of his own.  Bouma would get this fight with the takedown before the refs interrupted them.

Third period was a busy one for our young hockey stars.  This time, it took only 64 seconds before we connected with the back of the Bruins' net.  Milany Kytnar gets his first of the night and Lance and dorky Brendan Gallagher draw the assists.

Finally after nearly 42 minutes of play, Chilliwack gets a goal.  The puck bounced off of the end boards behind Jamie Tucker and Ryan Howse knocked the puck into the back of the net.

No time to celebrate that goal as the Giants come knocking again.  Brendan totally stripped McColm of the puck and travels along the wrong wing.  Galls had to transfer the puck to his backhand because of that but he'd get it right under the crossbar for the 5-1 lead!  And just 40 seconds later, Sebastian Svendsen shovels one into the back of the net!  Everyone was in front of Friesen and was jamming at the puck and somehow it got loose and into the net!

Moments after his goal, Tyler Stahl laid a heavy hit on Svendsen along the boards.  And I mean heavy.  Stahl's a big boy!  Sebastian went down and stayed down for a couple of moments before he was okay enough to be assisted off the ice by Mappin and our trainer, Scott Marchant.  He didn't look so good on the bench.  Stahl got thrown out of the game for the hit.

Jamie Tucker was beaten once more by the Bruins as the other Manning, Brandon of Chilliwack, netted another goal for his team. 

There hardly goes a night where Craig doesn't get a point.  It's even harder to find a night go by without a goal or a multi-point night from him.  After all his hardwork all night, he gets rewarded with the prettiest play of the night!  It was a perfect tic-tac-toe/3-man rush!  Nathan Burns along the wings played it up to Galls at neutral ice.  Brendan then fed the puck to Craig who put the nice finish to the play for the 7-2 goal.

Another bouncy!  Lane Scheidl got his second of the season and his second of the night off of another scrum in front of the net. 

After all that hardwork, we are, again, pefect on the PK.  Killing all 6 of our penalties, we did what we did best; win, score, defend, and play hockey!

3 stars:
(1) Craig Cunningham (3 points tonight)
(2) Cass Mappin
(3) Brendan Gallagher (3 points as well)

Very well played tonight.  We kept going after the puck and didn't let a lead fool us.  No matter what the score was, we kept trying to create those chances and when we were down, we focused on killing the penalty than scoring.  I like that style of play.  Focus on the now and the moment; not what was or will be.  Nothing is certain in this game.  We have seen teams blow 4-goal leads after two periods easily and ended up losing.

And my wish came true.  (Maybe because I told Galls to do it, but whatevers.)  A certain someone was held off of the scoresheet and ended the night with a minus-2.

For an extended report, come Here!

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