Party at the R's & B's!

Totally not sports related but athletics does make a quick cameo!

As we all know, it is Halloween (well, now it is 'was').  Tonight I hit up Becky's and Bobby's house for a little All Hallow's Eve party.  First half of the party, I was in Becky's part.  We went trick-o-treating (I am not too old!) for a good couple of hours and watched what we deemed as the scariest episode of Supernatural.

After the show, they decided to venture back out for more candy, but another of our partiers, Fresh, and me decided to stay behind.  As the stay-behind's, we joined Bobby's party (same house, just different part of it).  Quite interesting, let me say.  First we cam-whored it up in our costumes or lack-th of them, stuffed lasagna into our stomachs, watched the '60 Black Names' video (I recommend it for a good laugh), argue about one of the goals Raycroft let in over the past couple of games, played some NHL10, jelly shots avec "I've Never", and candy exchange.

Jelly shots revealed a lot about people that we never knew/figured.  For example, people have learned more about me than they expected.  They weren't shocked, just a little bewildered about how much I've actually done.  And a new thing it revealed to people, I have an incredibly high tolerance for alcohol.  After 7 shots of varying amounts of liquor in the jelly shots (I think it was like, 1 shot of the least, 2 of the in between, and 4 of the stronger ones), I was the least tipsy/intoxicated of the girls there.  The guys were pretty much not tipsy at all but the rest of them were... woah.

So word to all the brave that know me, no more drinking competitions because we all know that I'll probably last the longest.  Now people's mission is to get me drunk on Graduation next year.  Got to love being in Canada.

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