RIP Bernd Dittrich

This one lays especially close to my heart.

Bernd Dittrich was the quaterback of SFU's (Simon Fraser University) football team.  He came all the way from Austria on scholarship to pursue his dream here.  Though I may not be a fan of American football or SFU, he was quite good on the pitch.  (Sorry, I support UBC (University of BC).)

Yesterday, Bernd was taken to the hospital after losing consciousness in one of the school's pools.  Bernd was using swimming as a way of rehabillitation from an injured shoulder.

The cause of death has yet to be determined, but at the hospital, doctors found that Dittrich had a heart condition that went undetected before.

Off the pitch, Bernd was in his third year of completing his Bachelor's of Science degree.  To friends, he was a great guy.  To the coaches, he was a great player on and off the pitch.  To teachers, he was an exceptional student.

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