RIP Robert Enke

Robert Enke (24 August 1977 - 10 November 2009) of Hannover 96 of the Bundesliga, has passed away after 32 years of life.

Enke was not only a great goalkeeper (in his prime) but was always there to teach the young the way of the great.  But not only was he great on the pitch, but off the pitch he was a great spokesman.  He spoke out against disease and animal cruelty.  I know it may not sound like much, but from this era of footballers, it is rare.

To have learned/heard that this former German international has thrown himself under the train shows that not everything you see is true.  At first, no one was sure as to what caused him to be under that train, but as time went on, signs started to point that it was suicide.

Enke leaves behind a wife, Teresa, and a daughter that they had adopted.  Formerly, there was Lara but she soon passed away at the fragile age of 2 in 2007.


Just a couple of images of one of many tributes to the late goalkeeper.

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