Where the Great Go to Rest

Earlier today, Brett Hull, Luc Robataille, Brian Leetch, Steve Yzerman, and Lou Lamoriello were inducted into the HHoF (Hockey Hall of Fame).

They all got their rings and what-not.  And might I say, they look stupendous in their new bling.  Like their Stanley Cup Champions ring wasn't enough bling-age for them.

I cannot do them justice with an explanation so I suggest go find a video or report or something on YouTube, your local sports station, or go online and find something (which kind of counts as YouTube, but whatever).

What I like to say though is that it was an honour to be able to watch and remember the play of Stevie Y and Luc Robataille.  It was a bit of time back but I remember.  Sometimes this poor memory kicks in for some good moments.

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