Game of the Night

Vancouver Canucks vs. Phoenix Coyotes @ Jobing.com Arena
2-3 Final S/O

The Canucks visited a shockingly hot Phoenix team.  Phoenix were gunning for another home-win to tie their franchise record for longest home-game win streak.

Taylor Pyatt and Jason LaBarbera played their very first game against their former team.  Oh, what the off-season brings to us.

For the first time in what is probably forever, Jobing(.com) Arena is packed (or very close to it)!  Mostly Canuckleheads, but some support is better than no support!  My George is it full!

First period wasn't need, so we go straight into the second.

The turn of the tides started all with one very ugly, dirty, unnecessary penalty.  Alex Burrows whacked at the back of Radim Vrbata's knees which had him on the ground quicker than the large crowd could go "HEY!" (the Yotes fans anyways).  Then Alexander Bolduc got tangled up with his man during the kill.  Unknowingly, he blocked the lane for Ed Jovanovski to shoot in.  When Bolduc lifted his skate up to get back in the play, Jovo had shot and Lost Luongo couldn't save a puck he had no clue where it was.  Pretty interesting thing to know was that it was at 10:00.  The exact half-way mark of regulation time.

Just 49 clicks of the clock, Vancouver answered back and diminshed Phoenix's short-lived lead.  Henrik Sedin fed the puck across the ice to Mikael Samuelsson in the neutral zone.  Darcy Hordichuk sped down the ice once Mikael had crossed the blue.  Hordi was driving hard and provided the great screen on LaBarbera.  Mikael looked up to pass to Hordi, but since his head was down, decided to shoot instead.  Next thing Barbie knows was that the puck had zoomed past his head.

Caught in a messy play, Petr Prucha tipped in a shot from Radim Vrbata to re-establish their lead.  Canucks had no defenceman to guard the net which allowed Vrbata to be free and tip it in.

For not being in the same division or having much to do with each other, there was a lot of physicality in this game.  Phoenix not being known for that, brought a lot of it tonight.  Maybe it had to do with the energy coming off of the stands, but there was a lot of bodies zipping around.

Took a lot of yelling and pressure from me and the Canucks, but in the third, we got our need levelling goal.  Alexander Edler caught along the left boards shot the puck low on net.  Barbie was low and ready to block it, but Kyle Wellwood caught in No Man's Land tipped the puck up (?) to have the rubber go over Barbie's shoulder.  The goal announcement said it was by Daniel Sedin with assist going to Henrik Sedin, and all I could do was boo at them!  Just because the jerseys ended in 2 and 3 did not mean it was the twins.  Look at the replay and you'll see that it was 42 (Welly) and 23 (Eddie).

And for the first time in a long time, we headed to the extra period for sorry points (and winner points).

I've lacked a lot of extra periods from the Canucks.  It was clearly indicated with me jumping out of my seat for the last 1(-ish) minute of OT.  But I couldn't help it when Louie was out of the net, mishandled the puck, and almost had a goal go in on him if he hadn't got there just in the nick of time.

Straight into the shoot-out, it took to the Coyotes' third shooter for a puck to go in.  Lauri Korpikoski shot the puck high on Luongo and LaBarbera stopped Welly, Mason Raymond, and Samuelsson to get the S/O win. 

I think this was our first sorry point of the season.  No need to sulk over this too long though.  Even if we lost, we pushed for the s/o after coming up from behind twice.

3 stars:
(1) Jason LaBarbera (I think Luongo deserved this more because he made more neck-breaking saves and kept his team in the run for longer)
(2) Ed Jovanovski
(3) Lauri Korpikoski

(Like I said, real physical)

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