Game of the Night

This had drama right from the start.  At the start, there was a moment of silence held for a couple of casualties in Afghanistan.

IIHF World Junior Competition
United States vs. Canada @ Credit Union Centre
4-5 Final S/O

It's back~!  How many times have we played this story yet never got tired of hearing them?  But can anything top last year's meeting between these two?  3-0 defecit then we come back to win it in regulation?  Could anything really top that story in the Juniors?

Calvin de Haan was still out with an injury.  That's about it.

Just 123 clicks into this game, we got our first goal!  Unlike last year, we striked first!  Stefan Della Rovere picked up from where he left last game and scored us the first goal of the game!  But that was short lived as the jolting Americans came back with a goal of their own just 2 minutes later from Philip McRae.

Unlike last year, we weren't down several goals after 20 minutes.

Canada came into this game with the highest ranked PP in the tournament.  5:08 into the second, Jordan Schroeder got a SHG for the Americans to get the go-ahead goal.  As much as I don't like the Americans, I had to sort of appreciate this goal because of Schroeder.

But we get right back in there!  Jordan Eberle, the Regina product, has come with his greatness!  You people in Oilers land should be proud to have this boy in your franchise!  BE HAPPY!  And he's a very sweet guy in person too.

A glance up at the clock, Jerry D'Amigo (I'm liking the name.  'Of friendship') sees he only has moments before the end of the second.  D'Amigo made a break for the goal and took the quick shot on Jake Allen.  Jake left a big rebound for Tyler Johnson to pick up and tap in a goal.  You could hear them on the mikes and above the crowd (there were some fans up here).

Apparently in my break for food, I missed a goal from Danny Kristo to put them up 3-2.

I took a good look at Canada in this final period.  Never before had I seen them like this (at least for a long while).  The Americans were just outskating them!  Don't even get me started on some of the mistakes we made.  Turnovers were made where they should never have been and we were getting beat where we would normally be best.

The pace of the game outstands me though.  Very quick paced (in comparison to our previous three games).  The quick pace is not our's as the Yankees just dominate us for the beginning of the period.

No way do we stay down though, especially on a night like this.  From the face-off, Brayden Schenn got the puck deep behind the net (where earlier we weren't looking so great).  Brandon McMillan got the puck at the blue and made a hard shot towards the goal.  Jordan Eberle (piece of advice: remember this name for the big leagues) gets a piece of the puck and tips it into the back of the net!

Now we are within one with a goal from Alex Pietrangelo!  And this one was all Petro.  A boy in white cleared our zone, but the puck was picked up by John Carlson.  He sent a good puck back up, and it would've been good, if it hadn't been picked up by Petro.  It was all skill and all Petro to get away from two Americans and head towards the net.  His high wrister went above Jack Campbell and we're now within one!

This was surely heart break for a lot of fans in the stands.  We hoped we would've won in regulation, but according the IIHF refs, that wasn't going to happen.  A little over 2 minutes left on the clock, Travis Hamonic pulled the trigger, but, according to the refs (which I'm not liking very much), the whistle was blown before the goal.  And as much as I'm disagreeing, I knew it wasn't going to count because it was just milliseconds before the puck went in.  So into OT we go!

In the extra period of time, we get some supreme goaltending!  Jake Allen and Jack Campbell were excellent!  Both making some neck-breaking saves to keep their teams in it.  Even if it's just a bye to the semi's, there's a lot more riding on the line for the two nations.

Due to the excellence of Allen and Campbell (is it weird that I have/had teachers with those same last names?) we are forced to go to a shoot-out.

For those new to the IIHF scene, a shoot-out there is nothing like one in the NHL.  In international hockey, there are the first three shooters (like the NHL) that alternate (again, like the NHL).  But that's where the similarities stop.  After the first three shooters and the game is still tied, any shooter can go any amount of times.  Meaning that if Player 1 went in the first three and it's still tied, they can go again, and again, and again, and... (recall Jonathan Toews.  He went thrice!)

The trend for the Canadians these past couple of games has been a player getting a hat trick in everyone.  Each time being a different player.  Today's attempt to get a hat-trick: Jordan Eberle.  And he would SUCCEED!  First shooter, first goal!  (Kinda like the Russia game last year only one more goal.)  Ebs took one big leap into the bench to celebrate the goal that he flipped over Campbell and into the net!

Danny Kristo was the first of the Americans to go and he got his in.  Allen thought he was going to go for the five-hole, but instead the shot was a high-wrister above his head.

Just tick off the next box, thank you!  Nazem Kadri with a damn nice move to get his puck in!  Head on, quick deke at the end, and we're 2-2!

Noticing how well it worked for Kristo, Jeremy Morin does the same to make it 2-2 for the U.S.

Next for the Canadians was the boy with the American/Canadian dual-citizenship, Brandon Kozun.  Who would he choose to play for?  Guess he made a choice and it was the right one as he scored the third for Canada!

LAMBO-LEAP ON JAKE ALLEN!  I guess you can figure out that Allen stopped Jordan Schroeder and we've won the bye to the semi-finals!  No quarter finals for us!  No, sir!

This game had absolutely everything (but PPG).  There were SHG (three!), called-off goals, a s/o, a hat trick, a come back!  But above all, there was skill and emotion.  Boy, was there emotion!  You can see it on the US faces what this game meant.  And you can feel how much this meant to Canada and the US.  Even if it's just through the telly.

Player of the Game:
United States: Tyler Johnson
Canada: Jordan Eberle

Part of why the goal was called off on Hamonic:

Celebrate good times, COME ON!  Let's celebrate!

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