He's a Canadian Casanova

Now Carrie Underwood is my favourite American Idol winner (Kelly Clarkson comes in very close at 2nd) but I don't really care all that too much about her (her songs are great though).

Mike Fisher... not my favourite hockey player nor my favourite Senator.

So, what brings me to talk about two people I don't care a whole lot about?

I'll tell you what.  The American Idol winner and country music star has officially been caught in a lasso.  Somewhere between playing games, busy schedules, and overnight flights, Mike Fisher has found a way, place, and time to propose to Carrie Underwood.

Mike Fisher, who is having the best year of his life, was very tight-lipped about the whole thing, but everyone else in the locker room had no problem with sharing the news.

Not only does he now have a great fiancĂ©e to look forward to, but he has also got onto the radar of Team Canada with his new found play.  Though his chances of actually making the team are slim, recognition is a confidence booster.

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