I Was Built to be Bulletproof, Not Fire Resistant.

What is a hockey player's worst nightmare?  Breaking the Stanley Cup?  Not being able to play their sport?  Losing all their stuff in a fire?  Or is it losing to a rival team?

Though there may be more than one right answer, only one is reality for the Minnesota Wild.

After winning in Montreal last night (a very bad game played by the Canadiens and only so much better by the Wild), the Minnesota Wild took the plane ride over to Ottawa.

While in practice at Scotiabank Place, a truck in the parking lot of the arena caught on fire.  This was no ordinary truck.  This truck held some of the Wild's equipment.

No injuries were sustained, but something more was injured.

Minnesota's equipment manager, Brent Proulx, will jump on a plane (along with 2 others) back to Minnesota to gather replacement equipment and quickly turn around for the Canadian capital.

Wild report

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