Les nouvelles

  •  Raul (Gonzalez), captain of Real Madrid, is a father for the fifth-time this morning.  His (amazingly gorgeous) wife, Mamen, gave birth to their fifth child and first daughter earlier this morning!  They named her Maria Gonzalez Redondo.  Real Madrid report
  • And because I support not only the Vancouver Canucks, but BC's Children's Hospital too, here is the sweetest video yet made by the Canucks.  To those who are able to, please donate to BCCH!  One, because I'm biased (my nephew and I use it), but it is also the only one in the province and is under-funded!  Video
  • Philadelphia Flyers fired John Stevens as their head coach and replaced him with Peter Laviolette.  NHL Report
  • And because this is just cool (not the best I could find):
(All the jerseys of the world!)

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