Stuck in a Dead Zone

This is a rant.  I repeat: this is a rant!

Last night, I was just doing my normal thing.  Typing up my English story, catching up on the news, and streaming live shows from places I do not live in.  When all of a sudden this window pops up on my screen.

I was watching the replay of a footy game that I missed.  It was on HD and perfect quality!  Then - BLAM!  This "anti-virus" scan popped up and minimized my match!

Mind you, I have an anti-virus program.  And it didn't look a thing like this one that popped up.

I was totally, "WTF?!" (only pho instead of the actual word (I like pho)).  Turns out, this stupid virus latched onto my computer and leeched itself into my hard-drive!

Now, I'm stuck using the dingy Windows XP in the living room, while my Vista laptop is stuck to wallow away until I fix it!

This is just the many reasons why I majorly dislike Windows/PCs.  But I don't want a Mac because they are expensive and I can't go onto some sites.  But if Windows is giving me these many problems over the years, I swear, when I get enough cash, I'm switching to a iMac.

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