Tupper Tigers - Hear the ROARS!

Never have I posted a photo so dingy.  Sorry!

Sir Charles Tupper Secondary's senior boys basketball team took on the boys from the Island (Vancouver Island), Oak Bay Secondary in the Gold Medal game of the NSIT Basketball Tournament

Tonight's game did not have a lot of scoring, but what did you expect from these two teams?  Espcially the 8th ranked in the province who is on the rise up!

A good handful of the 3-pointers shot fell short on the rim, but there was some very good work done low.  Rebounds stolen and shots blocked!  Two tall, young men down at the post rejected each other, but also got themselves on the scoresheet.

Cameron Smyth, Tupper's post, has gotten a lot better since the last I saw them.  Cam running the court better and I think he's actually jumping now!  My goodness!  Still, he's a stick, but he did well checking Oak Bay's post who had many more pounds, 2 years, and a good inch over Cam.

Michael Braam has returned to the line-up since last I remember, but hasn't been himself lately.  Created a couple of turnovers that I don't expect our boys to do.  But I'm willing to look past that a bit because of your injury and your delay to play.

Last quarter, Tupper and Oak Bay step up their game.  Playing more physical than the previous three quarters and better shots are being taken.

It took to the final buzzer before we look up to scoreboard and see the score 78-75 for the Tupper Tigers!  Meaning, we've got the GOLD!  Very close game to the end and very much matched in the way they played.  It was a good performance by both teams.  Definetly put a show on for those watching on their computers and in Delta.

Michael Braam and Warren Liang just two of 10 players named to the list of All-Star awards.  And none other than our very own #5 James Lum gets Most Valuable Player!  James with 37 points, 11 in the fourth captains his team to the finish line.  Lucky ducky big-shot got the post-game interview, but knowing James, he'll be "aw-shucks" about it.

Go Tigers go!

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