Wait - This Isn't the 'Game of the Night'?

Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Louis Blues @ Scottrade Center
4-3 Final OT

Yes, if you can't believe it, this isn't the "Game of the Night" and nor did we lose in OT.  For the first time all season, the Canucks have won in OT.  Sure we've won in the shoot-out, but never in OT.

For the (slightly) dramatic replay, go under the cut.

To start the game, most Canucks fans learned that Kevin Bieksa will be out for a while with a lacerated calf he got in the Coyotes game.

Within the actual game itself, it really picked up at 12:47; when Rick Rypien (arguably, the league's best pound-for-pound fighter) and Cam Janssen started a game within game.  A tilt, bout, or the dropping of the gloves, if you will.  After all that was thrown and taken, Janssen ended up with a bloodied up face and Rypper, a bloody fist.

4 minutes later, St. Louis benefitted from the jolt of energy.  Alexander Steen let his rocket of a shot go!  He had a clear shooting lane and Luongo was just too slow to stop it.  It would've been a miraculous save, but who could've stopped a red-hot shot like that?

Two more tallies were added in period two.  One from Keith Tkachuk, the other from Andy McDonald.  Tkachuck's goal had a lot help from David Perron.  Quite had Luongo beat from the beginning, Perron did.  McDonald started it, and then finished it.  He had the clear-cut breakaway, but Louie pulled a poke-check and forced them to gather and try to set something else up.  Who woulda thunk McDonaldy would get a rebound and score?

But 2 minutes were left on the ticker, Daniel Sedin breaks the nearly 40 minute Chris Mason shutout!  Honestly, I do not know how it happened because I had to go pee really bad and jumped off the couch the moment we scored.  The puck was near to invisble.  The last time I saw it, it was down at the endboards with Alex Burrows.

Being the Canucks, we aren't out till the game is done; this game still has 20 minutes of pure hockey left.  Even if we are down 3-1 after two periods, we aren't done yet.  What better way to tell the Blues that than with a SHG nearly 6 minutes into the third!  With the help of Tanner Glass along the boards, Mikael Samuelsson broke away from the mess.  With a moment's time with Chris Mason, the ice, the puck, and him, Mikael wristed the puck into the shelf where my mother hides the jello.

With that goal, I learned that Mikael should grow no beard any further than scruffiness because it just gets ugly.

That goal ed everything.  The way the game was played was not as if the Blues were leading.

Then, just under two minutes left on the giant clicker, Christian Ehrhoff and Andy McDonald right out of the box, Daniel brought it down the ice and made the shot.  But Chris Mason got at it, but left the rebound up for gobbling.  Henrik dug it out and shoveled it back in for the levelling goal!  It was good work by the rest of the Canucks though.  Each one occupying a man, left the ice with a lot of movement.

And we go to OT for the second night running!

Now, there are many reasons why I love Ryan Kesler.  His ability of drawing penalties are one of them.  At the beginning of the period, Kes drew a high-sticking penalty from Brad Boyes.  And not just any PP was given to us in OT - it was a double-minor.

2:24 into the extra period, Ehrhoff started it all with a down-ice pass to Kes.  Kyle Wellwood was spotting Kes as his shadow down the wing.  The drop-pass to Welly lead to a pass up to the point to Ehrhoff.  The German international slapped the puck, and it's in for the OT-GWG!

What a way to learn from our mistakes.  Last time we went to OT, we lost to the Coyotes.  Now we're back and we've won!  And now we're climbing back from behind!  At the start of the season, we could never fully climb that ladder back up, but now, it looks like we can.

3 stars:
(1) Henrik Sedin
(2) Andy McDonald
(3) Daniel Sedin

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