Don't Ask

New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins @ TD Banknorth Garden
3-1 Final 

Don't ask why I was watching this game.  I was bored and this was the only thing that peaked my interest (at least a smidge).

After being fired up by their coach, the Rangers looked to redempt themselves against the Bruins who lost on the 7th as well.

Just 2 minutes into the game, Boston's Shawn Thornton and NYR's Donald Brashear dropped the gloves.  Trying to put a spark to their respectives teams, they exchanged a couple of shots.  But after that quick bout, the game didn't change much, but then again, I'm biased (I don't like the Bruins and I don't care much for the Rangers).

Even thought I'm not a fan of these two teams, there are a few players from both that I like to watch skate.  Michael Del Zotto is one of them.  For 22 games, this rookie went goal-less.  Whilst many people traded him in their pools, I didn't and kept him on my defence.  And keeping my belief in him strong, he proved me right by scoring a goal today.  Brandon Dubinsky made the drop-pass for the rookie.  Del Zotto picked it up and walked right in on Tim Thomas.  While the American goaltender was on the move across the crease, Michael tucked it under Thomas for the first goal of the game.

Second period was a bit more energetique but nothing than what both teams could bring.  Brandon Dubinsky largened the whole the Bs had to dig out of by getting his second point of the night.  Boston turned the puck over and Dubinksy shoveled the puck in for the ugly goal to go 2-zip over the hometeam.

Predictions were flowing from other spectators that Boston had no chance of coming back.  With 20 minutes of hockey still remaining, people were doubting a team that could come back.  But that quickly changed as they set their future in stone.  Tim Thomas allowed the third goal of the game just 37 seconds in.  Erik Christensen gets his second point of the night (drew an assist on Dubinsky's goal) on a lucky wrist shot.  There were 3 Bruins in front of the lane and the net, yet the puck still managed to get past them and Thomas and into the back of the net.  I think that's a good as time as any to re-think your defence strategy of the night.

With a new fire lit under their bellies, Boston ended Henrik Lundqvist's shutout bid with a goal at 16:16 from Dennis Wideman.  Clean face-off win by David Krejci to Zdeno Chara setted up Wideman for the one-timer.  I kind of expected Zdeno to take the shot, but I guess he realised luck wasn't on his side.

A bit unlucky for the Bruins.  The third period was their best offensively but most of their shots bit the side of the net, or the post.  But Henrik Lundqvist stole the show from the Rangers with amazing saves and a near shutout!  The first two periods especially showcased him.  There wasn't much help in the beginning from his defencemen so it was all up to him to stop the shots.  And he stopped that penalty shot from Marco Sturm

3 stars:
(1) Brandon Dubinsky
(2) Henrik Lundqvist
(3) Erik Christensen

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  1. I love how you always finish with the 3 stars!