A Friendly Departure

Who here has had a friend moved away?  Yeah?  How many of them moved on their own free will?  Mmm...

I'm being selfish when I say this, but it sucks when your friends move away.

In all honesty, I'm glad that the reason they moved was to better their lives and their skills.  And maybe it had to do with their career choices.  Even when you know they're not going to stay, it still hits a soft spot.

After just finishing his first season with the Vancouver Whitecaps, USL Rookie of the year Marcus Haber accepted a transfer deal over to the English club of West Bromwich Albion.  Marcus was a good kid and he's just shy of turning 21 next week.

I'll be one of the many to miss you and wish you the best of luck at the Championship.  But don't forget where you came from!

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