I Think I Have Pity Today

This man makes me feel a little bad inside, but this isn't about him.

The Edmonton Oilers got me feeling a little bad inside tonight.  It's been a long time, but at long last, my day of feelings have come.

Every sports channel I turned to the other day showed the Oilers doing a no-puck practice.  "BOOT CAMP!"

That was the past.  Tonight, they faced the Vancouver Canucks who just had a stellar win over the current Stanley Cup Champions, Pittsburgh Penguins.  And even after that, they had their SuperSkills (which were pretty interesting).

From the opening 20 minutes, Edmonton looked solid.  Maybe not great, but better than what we make them out to be.  And maybe it helped that the Canucks weren't red hot either.  In the second period, Edmonton looked like the better team - especially with the 1-2 lead over the Canucks after 40 minutes.

Now the smart thing to have done was not sit back on the one-goal lead and play just as hard as they had for the remaining 20 minutes.  The non-intelligent move would've been to sit on that lead.  Guess which one they picked?

They sat back on that lead, and it seemed to be working for them - until the 16th minute of the last period.  Sami Salo tied the game to push for OT.

In OT, they faced their doom and earned yet another sorry point and no winning points.  It's starting to get a little gloomy over there in Oil City.

Now I don't/didn't feel bad for the Carolina Hurricanes or Toronto Maple Leafs at all this year (one, because I hate the Leafs with a passion and two, the I never doubted the capability of the Canes).  Last season, I didn't feel bad for the Colorado Avalanche, New York Islanders, or the Tampa Bay Lightning.  But this year, I'm feeling pity for the Oilers.

I do not know why, but I do.  Maybe it's because they're in our division.  Maybe it's because I know they can do so much better.  Maybe it's because I like Pat Quinn.  But there's something that is making me feel bad!

The Oilers deserve a win!  No sorry points given or received - WINNER POINTS!  A good solid win would be good.  They don't need to have a game under their belts that they knew they played well; they need a game in which the result shows that they played well.

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  1. hahaha OIL CITY!! That was good. I feel the same way, they need a win, or two! And they could use a little more luck on their side too!