"I'm the Doctor" "Just 'the Doctor'?"

Now I must share this for I am an emotional wreck and I love the Doctor!

The season may have ended long ago, but the Space Channel is doing a marathon of the last three special episodes and the final (two part) episode of David Tennant's final display as the [bloody brilliant] Doctor.

Like I said, marathon.  Meaning, I got to re-watch "The Next Doctor," "Planet of the Dead," "Waters of Mars," and "The End of Time" Part I and II.  No matter how many times I've watched it before, I never get sick or bored of it (or him).

Everything was going swimmingly well for the first three episodes.  Then the finale came.

The first part, I freaked out because what I thought I knew, was falling apart!  I can't say anything without giving it away so I'll stick to shallow teenage language.  Facts I thought were fact and true, weren't.  The world of the Doctor that wasn't explained, I created.  That world of mine was pulled apart by the seams by what I learned in part one.

Then Part II came after the commercial break.  I always knew this was going to come.  I knew it from the day I started watching Doctor Who and the 10th Doctor came around.  Regeneration was inevitable.  But I did not want to believe it.

I got through the vast majority of the 100 minute episode.  The final part, though, I was a train wreck.

I'm not knocking on the new Doctor - don't get me wrong.  It's just that I love David Tennant and how he played the Doctor.  His emotion, dedication, connection, acting, display, performance, and everything was the perfect Doctor!  And I really fell in love with David Tennant and the Doctor (like so many of his companions had).  Sure, there was Paul McGann (who I really don't remember) then Christopher Eccleston, but David Tennant was my favourite!

But it wasn't just his departure that brought me to tears.  It was his "award" that he went to receive in the end.  Then what the universe did for him.  In all throughout his tenure, he made me really feel what the Doctor was all about.  Maybe I became of age to really understand the Doctor when he came around, but I felt a deeper connection with him than any doctor before him.

All I hope for the 11th Doctor is that he can deliver the same humour as Tennant had before him.  i had a glimpse and he was doing it well, but things can change over a season.

My final words for you, David Tennant, is that you were - are - the greatest.  And it ain't half-bad that you are dashing, too.  And for you,  Matt Smith, I expect great things from you.  Do the universe proud.

A photo ode to the 10th Doctor...

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