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Yet another friendly departure.  This one, though, is not as accepted as the last.  This one got to me a lot more than Marcus leaving.

Now, I'm not one for tearful emotional display, but I don't want to have to contain this.

From a business perspective, I understand what had to be done.  But on a personal note, (for lack of a better term) it just sucks!  Today I learned that not only one, but two of my friends left for Edmonton.

Vancouver Giants' GM Scott Bonner dealt three players away to Edmonton in exchance for Thomas Vincour and Brett Breitkreuz.  'Who were the three?' you may be asking.  The three were Garry Nunn, Mike Piluso, and Sebastian Svendsen.

Nunners and Mike were great players and even better guys!  This is just incredible how everyone is slowly going away.

My personal feelings are increasingly clouding my vision of what Bonner is doing and his reasoning behind it.  I'm re-reading what I've written and I sound like a robot because the things I want to say aren't words at all!  What my mind, heart, instinct, and mouth want to say are words only understood by intonation and emotion.  One reason why text don't do me half-good (don't mind my poor English).  Sometimes it lacks the emotion.

I'd just like to bade Nunners and Piluso one last goodbye.  And Seb, it was good to see you at least just once.

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