Les nouvelles

  • Trade talk: LA Galaxy's Landon Donovan has signed a contract to be on loan to Everton FC (EPL) for 2 and a half months.
  • The colour is red and the time is the Olympic games.  I highly suggest that everyone in the Great White North wear their red colour clothing true and proud all throughout the Olympics and Paralympics!
  • Washington Capitals have a new captain now!  After Chris Clark was traded away, the search for a new captain was on.  And they've found one in none other than Alexander "The Great" Ovechkin.
  • And for all of you in the Vancouver area: Come to Sir Charles Tupper Secondary on the corner of Prince Edward Ave. and Fraser St. to watch the Tupper Tigers (Senior Boys basketball team) take on the Vancouver Technical Talismans!  And if that's not good enough, GlobalTV will be there.

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  1. YEAHHHH Ovechkin! I think that is such a good choice by the Caps :)