Les Nouvelles

  • Let's take a step back from the all this trade humble jumble and take a breather.  Deep breath in; deep breath out.  We good?  Aights!  Let's get it rollin'!
  • Some more trade rumours to come out of the NHL.  New York Rangers have sent Ales Kotalik back home from their road-trip after telling him that he might be traded.  TSN Report 
  • Toni Terry, Chelsea FC's John Terry's wife, has reportedly said that she'll be filing for a divorce from her superstar husband.  Now I haven't been reporting this, but I've known it for a while; John Terry has been caught/rumoured that he had an affair with his best mate Wayne Bridge's girl, Vanessa Peroncel.  If you're still confuzzled, follow this:
  •  We swept the podium!  The podium at the ski cross race at the X-games.  Who were your medalists?  Chris Del Bosco with gold, David Duncan with silver, Brady Leman with the bronze.  On the mamacita side, Ashleigh McIvor nabbed silver while Kelsey Serwa took third.

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  1. I love your writing, I can feel your energy and bubbly personality in your posts! :) Keep it up!