Sport Isn't Limited to the Able

Today, Team Canada's men's sledge hockey team was announced to the public.

If you've never heard of the sport before, sledge hockey is in the Paralympic portion of the games.  And it's just as intense as normal ice hockey, though the rules slightly change.  For more info, I suggest you google it.

Team Canada
G     Paul Rosen
G     Benoit St-Armand

D     Adam Dixon
D     Raymond Grassi
D     Jean LabontĂ©
D     Graeme Murray

F     Jeremy Booker
F     Bradley Bowden
F     Billy Bridges
F     Marc Dorion
F     HervĂ© Lord
F     Shawn Matheson
F     Todd Nicholson
F     Greg Westlake
F     Derek Whitson


  1. i really like the title to this post :)

  2. I'm really excited to see this event!
    I have never seen sledge hockey in action, much less know how it works.
    Should be interesting to keep an eye out for. : )