Stalled Weekend

This news killed my weekend a bit.

I had my weekend all planned out.  The first weekend since... a long time, I have gotten time to myself and am able to just laze around and be serene.

What was a cause for this much needed relaxation weekend?  Well, if you want to read a teenage girl complain, read on.  If not, skip this (and the next) paragraph.

This week, I had a lot of stuff to do.  Mind you, this is the first week back from winter vacation.  On Monday, I had the Students Live meeting.  I didn't mind that so much.  It was just the first day back and I just got too little sleep.  On Tuesday, I had to work on my French group project that was due the next day.  Not only that, but it was the day of the World Juniors.  And things were prolonged a little bit after I worked on my French.  Had a sit-down chat with a couple of my friends on their drama.  Wednesday was the day of our French project presentation.  I don't have the best of group members so our presentation was dingy to be kind.  But we got through it, and I did well.  Not sure about my partners.  And on that day, I had an orthodontist appointment that rushed me out of school and back.  The French project wasn't the only one due.  My English short story project was also due.  The moment I got back, I was the second persoon to read an excerpt of my story.  Out of breath and a little frazzled doesn't make a good combo to read aloud.  And after school I had to go to wrestling practice for a bunch of paper work, hotel booking, charter bus booking, and itinerary arranging, because somehow I was made a manager.  Thursday, was a little bit more chill.  I had a math re-quiz after school and that only took about 30-45 minutes.  Friday (today) was the worst!  First period, I had a French test.  That didn't go over so well (I forgot what helmet was in French!).  Then for last (fourth) period, I had a Biology 12 test!  That totally killed me (the long answer anyways).

So now I am home after a late lunch and a little bit of shopping around Main St.  As per usual, I check the internet after I settled in.  I headed over to the Premier League for any new transfer news that mattered to me.  Instead, I find numerous matches postponed!  Okay, there was also the Andrea Dossena trade to Napoli, but I don't care because he didn't do much for the Reds.

Amongst the postponed was the fixture I planned on watching: Liverpool v. Tottenham Hotspur.  Now instead of getting to watch a footy game since... before the Christmas break, I have sleep!  (At least until 10 where I'm watching the Real Madrid v. Mallorca match.)

It just dampens my weekend a bit.  Satruday was my hockey day (HNIC!) because I had no footy games to watch.  Sunday was supposed to be my footy day with me watching my two favourite clubs, Real and Liverpool.  Now it's hockey day and the Real match.

Amongst the others postponed:
Hull City v. Chelsea
Burnley v. Stoke City
Sunderland v. Bolton Wanderers
Fulham v. Portsmouth

All because of snow (which Vancouver is lacking).

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