The Team to Hit the Slopes

We have a snowboarding team!!  And I am a happy camper!

What else could cause me to become a happy camper than my pre-season predictions coming true.

Quietly, I have been predicting and following Canadian athletes that could be contenders in the winter games.  Snowboarding was just one of them.  And like most of the events I followed, I had my predictions of who would make the list.  Among the elite that I predicted was Michael Lambert, Matthew Morison, Alexa Loo, Jasey-Jay Anderson, Kimi Zakreski, Jeff Batchelor, and Mercedes Nicoll.  Was I right?

Dans le pré-saison, j'ai fait des prédictions sur qui sera dans l'équipe pour les Olympiques.  Le hockey (les femmes et hommes), le patinage artistique, le curling, le patinage de vitesse, et le surf des nieges ont été des sportsDans la liste du surf des nieges, j'ai prédit Michael Lambert, Matthew Morison, Alexa loo, Jasey-Jay Anderson, Kimi Zakreski, Jeff Batchelor, et Mercedes Nicoll sera dans l'équipe.

So who did make it?  Qui a fait l'équipe?

The Girls/Les femmes: Alexa Loo, Caroline Calvé, Kimiko Zakreski (I got 2 right!/J'ai eu 2 correcte!)
The Guys/Les messieurs: Jasey-Jay Anderson, Matthew Morison, Michael Lambert (How good am I?/Es-je bien ou es-je très bien?)

Halfpipe/La piste de demi-lune
The Girls/Les femmes: Sarah Conrad, Mercedes Nicoll  (YES!  OUI!!)
The Guys/Les messieurs: Taylor Palmer, Brad Martin, Jeff Batchelor, Justin Lamoureux

The Cross
The Girls/Les femmes: Dominique Maltais, Maëlle Ricker
The Guys/Les messieurs: François Boivin, Robert Fagan, Drew Nelison, Mike Robertson

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  1. I wouldn't know who any of these people are, if it wasn't for "Over the Bolts" (L). You continue to amaze me with all the sports you follow! And writing in French too, wow! Good work :)