Tim Ho's!!!


It's Hockey Day in Canada, y'all!!  In about an hour's time, the first match-up will start.  The live stream started over an hour ago from Stratford, ONT to see our great game at its roots.

The other live streams are coming from:

St. John's, Newfoundland
Rideau Canal, Ottawa
Gimli, Manitoba
Auburn Bay, Alberta (13:00)
Estevan, Saskatchewan (13:00)
Victoria, BC (13:00)

But if that doesn't tickle your fancy, we've got the NHL games.

Montreal Canadiens vs. Ottawa Senators (11:00 PT/14:00 ET)
Vancouver Canucks vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (13:00 PT/16:00 ET)
Edmonton Oilers vs. Calgary Flames (19:00 PT/22:00 ET)

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