While I'm on an Emotional Tyrade...

I shall continue with my heavy emotional and opiniated despair.

Now, I don't normally trust the Guardian (or any British paper actually), but this one has certainlly caught more than my attention. the article

If you read it, from now on, everything I say will make sense.

Earlier this season, the same two American owners sold the Montreal Canadiens franchise to the Molson brothers.  That made them on my "I'm-not-so-happy-with" list.  Actually, they were there in the second half of the Premier League season, but that doesn't  matter.

But what I'm more aggrivated about is the fact that Rafa is actually willing to sell Nando!  I think it was about 2 years ago from this date that Nando came to the English city. 

Now why would Rafa want to do that?  Other than being rational and saving ownership's bottoms, what other reason could there be to provoke you to sell him?!  Sure, Nando has been ridden with injury, but what good will he do at City?!  They have enough strikers to fill the population of Ladner!

Despite us being in a very terminal position in the standings (okay, 7th isn't horrible, but for us, THAT IS BAD!) but how many times has it been Nando getting us a goal?  How many times had Nando won us the game?  When has Nando not stepped up when the team was having an off day?  Multiple times!

Rafa himself praised him and how much he has done for this club!  Not only did the praises end there, but he also said how much of a fit he was to the club and the city!  So why does he feel like this is neccessary?

Again, all I want to come out of my mouth is a bunch of profanities in all the languages I know (which, when it comes to that topic, there are a lot) and words that don't even exit!  But if I and what life has taught me more than anything, it's to have some composure.

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