2010 Olympic Challenge - the End

  1. Remember where you are everytime Canada wins gold for the very first time on home ice
  2. Run around town with the Canadian flag on your back after we win gold
  3. Don't take private transportation anywhere in the Lower Mainland
  4. Speak Russian to a Russian Olympian
  5. Go to a game that isn't at the Olympics
  6. Have a small chit-chat with a German Olympian
  7. Don't try to harm a referee after a hockey game (no matter the result)
  8. (To those in school) Don't skip all 2 weeks of school and fall behind
  9. Sing a song in the middle of the streets and get everyone to sing along
  10. Dance in the streets with someone from every country
  11. Get a Swedish lesson from Peter Forsberg
  12. Talk to Mattias Ohlund about his return to Vancouver
  13. Meet James Cybulski
  14. Make a donation every day of the Olympics
  15. Find someone who can name an Olympian from Belarus, China, and Italy
  16. Sing the national anthem louder than the person next to you
  17. Ring that cowbell louder than you sing 'O Canada'
  18. Get from West Downtown to Burnaby in under an hour via public tranportation
  19. Start a wave at an event
  20. Be kind, live up to the Canadian stereotype
  21. Don't just ignore the protesters
  22. Hug a total stranger
  23. Speak French avec Marc-Andre Fleury, Roberto Luongo, or Martin Brodeur
  24. Get lost, find a person you're attracted to, and get lost together
  25. Be able to say, "I was at the Olympics!"
So what was my tale of this epic list?  Well, you have to read on and find out.

1. I do.  I cannot tell you all 14 of them, but I was everywhere I needed to be.  I can tell you all that it always ended with me either in a living room with family and/or friends, or on the streets of this amazing city!

2. I did; just once though.  The day the Olympics came to an end.  I took that flag off of my window and just roamed the streets like the madwoman I am and caused Bedlam all over again!

3. I failed this one.  For one event, I had to take my car.  Because time is a cruncher and not my friend, a car was needed to get somewhere in time.  And then I had to take a taxi because of huge weight in my arms.

4. I spoke Russian - only not to an Olympian.  It was a fan, and to a Belrusian.  But in the end, I got to speak my Russian to a native speaker.  Trust me, my accent was not pretty.

5. I DID!  TWICE!  My school (Sir Charles Tupper Secondary) had two important basketball games, and I went to them both!  And when I found time, I was listening to my Vancouver Giants on their road-trip win all but one of their games.

6. Errr... almost.  It was more like me yelling, "Hi!  Good luck!" to them and them yelling, "Thank you!" back.  So, yea, in a way it was a conversation, but it wasn't a complete one.

7. I didn't because I didn't have to.  The officiating was very superb.  Especially when it was McCreary - my all-time fave ref of the NHL!  I'm sad he's retiring after this season.

8. I didn't skip all 2 weeks!  But I think I slightly fell behind in a couple of subjects.

9. I DID!  It involved some pretty big speakers though.  What's the song?  Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"!  It was pretty cool that everyone did start to sing along.  I never really expected to finish this feat, but I did.  Another way to bring the world together as one.

10. I'm not sure that I danced with someone from every country, but with many people.  Again, it involved large speakers, but thanks to my friends' car, it worked out quite well.  The song: Ke$ha's "Tik Tok".  A little annoying, yea, but something that anyone could dance to!

11. I didn't find Peter Forsberg.  That made me sad.  How great it would've been if I did though.  So spectacular.  I still respect Forsberg, but I'm starting to forget what made him so great.

12. I didn't find Matthias Ohlund either.  That made me more sad than not finding Forsberg.  Ohlie was my all-time favourite that left us this past off-season.  He was my assurance everytime I looked at the Canuck blue-line.  It's a little saddening that I didn't get to tell him how great he was in person.

13. James Cybulski is a very hard man to find, but I found him!  Just wandering the streets, I found one of my favourite TSN sports personalities!  Took a bit of walking, but I found him by accident!  And it was cool beans.

14. Donations aren't always in the form of money.  Everyday, I chipped in something intangible.  In the shape of a helping hand, a present, or a word, I made my contribution to anyone that I could.  What those people and I have to cherish is the kindness and generosity of a complete stranger.

15. Yea, this was hard.  Turned out, I found one person who could, and I don't even remember them!  He was my last shot before giving up.  I asked random people on the streets and it turned out, a lot of people got stumped at either Italy or Belarus.

16. And that I did!  Everytime that anthem came up, I was either as loud or louder than whomever was next to me.  I haven't even lost my voice yet.

17. Failed.  I loaned my cowbell to a friend of mine and ended up never getting it back.  I never got that chance to ring it louder than my singing.  It would've been a hard feat anyways.

18. AND I DID IT!  Mind you, I went when not many people were planning on leaving somewhere.  So the trains were half-baren and the buses were smoothly running.  A shout out to the Burnaby skateboarders!

19. With the help of 5 other guys and gals, I started a wave.  At an event called a hockey game.  Between Germany and Belarus, the wave went around thrice before dying out to make way for the game on ice.

20. I think I did.  Well apparently, I do anyways.  Kind gestures, politeness, and 'eh?', it was pretty hard I wasn't Canadian (especially with that jersey toque of mine).

21. It was kind of hard to when they were on the news.  So, no, I didn't ignore them.

22. YEAH!  Nearly every night I was out, there were reasons to celebrate and hugs are the best way to show you care and spread the nationalistic pride!  Though sometimes, I think I could've refrained from them.

23. I spoke French... though not to those three.  It was to a Suisse skier, and boy was there a few words that you get lost on.

24. I didn't get lost.  It was kind of hard when you know this city like the back of your hand.


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  1. I must say Addy, everytime I was singing O'Canada I thought of you :) And then I started to sing as loud as I possibly could. I had a lot of fun with the challenge, thanks!