And the Olympics Come to an End

Olympic Medal: emotions and history shaped in a circle.  Colour doesn't matter, it's the cheers that erupt that does.

No matter what the colour the medal was, it was much more than any gold medal.  Every time we won that medal, Canada erupted into our national anthem.  The only time that Canada has ever sung O Canada spontaneously as one has been these past two weeks.

Our first mission was just to get one gold medal on home soil, but it became so much more than that. We made history.  The first Canadian gold medal on home soil, the youngest ice dance pair to win gold, we beat our medal total from Tornio, and we won the most gold medals by any nation in the history of the Winter Olympics!

Canada: a nation so patriotic and nationalist, they are Canadian.  The only nation to be able to sing their anthem, cheer in the streets, blare their horns, and ring those cowbells publically and still be called modest.

We are Canadian.  As these games close, we showed the world what it meant to be Canadian.  Nothing has ever stopped us.  We are a young nation with big hopes and dreams that nothing can ever make us sway from our path to greatness.

We knew we were great, and now the world does.

So Canadians, raise your hockey sticks, share that KD, wave that maple leaf, sing that anthem, and make room on the chesterfield - WE HAVE MADE HISTORY!!

Now we pass the torch onto Sochi and Russia.  Try and top that!

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