Finding Entertainment Hours

With just hours to go before the opening ceremony (okay, it's a wee bit over a day, but it is actually hours), I was in major last-minute entertainment search before the Olympics took over my lovely home of 16 years.

'What could I have done this time?' I wonder. 'Let's go the airport!'  Oddly enough, that's what I said to myself aloud hours ago.

At the airport, I intended on running into some people from the Canadian alpine snowboarding team.  Turned out, I came a little too late and missed the prime opportunity (for now).  Oddly enough though, I met one member from the half-pipe team.

What made it so odd?  Well, maybe the fact that the team arrived earlier this morning around noon.

I was the exit furthest from carousel 6 and there he was - incoprehensible with my bad eyesight, yet provided me with a feeling of familiarity.

I waited for him to near, and when he did, I did a double - no, quadruple - take!  No way was Jeff Batchelor and his coach, Jesse Fulton, in the airport at this moment in time!  Quite seriously, that's what I said - aloud.

Being able to read people very well, I knew he wasn't in the most splendid of moods.  But thankfully when I asked him a couple of questions, he was kind enough to answer kindly and honestly as he could.  And Fulton was pretty darn cool too!

Batchelor and Fulton weren't the only ones I met tonight (or yesterday night... whatever); I also had a little chat with a member of the Suisse ski team.  That really put my French to the test.

I am not the most fluent in French, but thankfully my knowledge of what I do know was enough to ask questions and understand the answers.  Unfortunately, I forgot her name (I feel bad now).

"I will give it my all," was what she said when I asked about how stoked she felt.  "Nothing will stop me."

Already just minutes in the city, she says that it'll be probably the most beautiful games yet.  And if everyone was as nice as me who opened with 'Good Luck at the Games' in French and (poor) German, then there will be no complaints from the Suisse.  "Maybe losing though," we laughed.

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