Rightly titled, if I say so myself.

I shouldn't have to tell you anything about the game earlier this Day 17.  I shouldn't have to tell you how brilliant both teams were, nor how brilliant the win was.  If I do, what the deuce happened to you in the past 24 hours?

But I can tell you something that only a good handful know; what it felt like to be there.

No matter where you sat at Canada Hockey Place, you were in pure ecstasy.  Be you cheering for USA or Canada, you were jumping out of your seat.

I cannot stress more that being there for every goal (for or against) was just breath taking.  I jumped, cheered, sang, and chirpped more than I have ever had in my life (okay... maybe as much as those other times...).  And when that final horn rang, all of my cares went out the window!

Final horn: the signal to jump, cheer, laugh, smile, sing, and cry.

All that and then some was what came out of me that very moment that horn went.  I couldn't control the tears!  The moment all of Canada's bench was cleared and atop of Crosby, the tears started to uncontrollable roll as a smile permanently plastered itself on my face.

If Canada hadn't have won the game, all the past golds would not have meant as much as they do now.

We all said that hockey was Canada's game.  No one can do it better than Canada.  We were hockey and hockey was us.  Not one nation could rival Canada's heart, passion, and dedication to this game.

None of that was true until we proved it.  And proved it we did.  All that we said became truth.  We proved that it was our game by being the best at it.  Only Canada could come through as much adversity as we did after the shoot-out win over the Suisse.  It was no easy path to the gold, but we did it.  Nothing comes easy, and our boys know it.

This gold doesn't just mean that this is truly our game, the gold means righting what went wrong in Tornio, what went wrong for 50 years prior to 2002, and proved to the Americans that miracles don't happen.  We forced fate and defied destiny.  Miracles, fate, and destiny didn't exist to us.  It takes blood, sweat, tears, and yes, sometimes a little split beer.

And now after all that has been said and done, we all go home.  The hockey stars of this great rival game will go meet up with their team-mates.  Tomorrow, the locker rooms can officially become 'awk-ward!'

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