Game of the Night

2010 Winter Olympics
Finland vs. Russia @ UBC Thunderbird Arena
5-1 Final

You've read it right here, folks: the Finns defeated the Russians in a very tilted game.  But what lead to the downfall of the Russians?

While history was being made, a game continued on at the nearby university: University of British Columbia.  Arriving to a sea of people cheering for not only Canada, but also for either Russia or Finland (me of the latter), thre was something in the air.  A feeling so good I couldn't help but feel a little extra happy.  That's right; I can get even happier and more excited!

And my feeling was right as Finland won leaving Russia with 5 unanswered goals.

Russia came in with great speed and simplistic hockey; Finland came in with skill in all the right places.  Where the Russians had speed and agressivness, the Finnish brought intelligence and skill.  The fights down low were won by the Finnish, open ice work was won by Finnish, and confidence belonged more with the Finns than the Russians.

Like most hockey games, goaltending was the biggest benefactor - and Finland had a full house over Russia's flush.  Noora Raty (Finland's goalie) had confidence.  She challenged the opposition, was big in the net, and was able to make the timely saves.

But not all was good for the Finns.  Many times did the Finns get their pockets picked and allowed them to get many scoring chances.  The Russians found the breaks and tried to get the most out of them, but thankfully, Raty was there to bail her team out.



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  1. I absolutely love your writing style! Sounds like a great game :)