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2010 Winter Olympics
Women's hockey China vs. Russia @ UBC Thunderbird Arena
1-2 Final

When you think China (and aren't Chinese), you think dim sum and math.  When you think China and ice, you think figure skating.  But their women can hold up their end in ice hockey.  Yes, I mean ice hockey as in sticks, skates, and pucks.

Earlier tonight, I attended the China/Russia women's hockey game.  And boy was the Chinese-Vancouver community ever present.

Growing up in Vancouver, I know that there's quite a strong Chinese presence, but never was it like the hockey game.
Chants in Mandarin being voiced from the highest stands down unto the ice floated down to power their team.  Even some White guys got their Chinese pride going (accompanied by a China-man).  There was even a guy dressed up as a PANDA!  So cool!

Now about the Chinese team; they were surprsingly good.  Other than the fact that they came up short (no pun intended), the Chinese contended with the opposing Russians.  They had speed, they had good defence, and they had goaltending.  Boy, did they have goaltending.
Having previously seen the Russians in action, I knew that they were shooters.  And from that previous game, I didn't expect the Russians to come with as much strength as they did tonight.

But back to the Chinese.  China looked like the more dominating team, but a lucky bounces went Russia's way for their win.

Even though they lost, the Chinese support was strong and proud.  Their voices not once faltering and their smiles not once fading (okay.  Just a little when they didn't get the goal).  Truly is the year of the Tiger.



Part 2!

2010 Winter Olympics
Men's Ice Hockey Switzerland vs. Canada @ Canada Hockey Place
2-3 Final S/O

Yes, you read correct.  It went to a bloody shoot-out.  Now Switzerland's Jonas Hiller hasn't been having the greatest of years with the Anaheim Ducks, nor did he have a great night a couple nights ago.  But tonight, Hiller brought his A-game.  In the final period and in OT, Hiller stoned us cold!  He just robbed Eric Staal and then Ducks teammate Getzlaf!

4 years ago, Switzerland ended our Olympic dreams in Torino and placed us at 7th.  Redemption had to be paid.

It took a bit to get our game going.  The first period was sort of slow, but soon enough it all picked up.  But then the Suisse goals came.  2-2.  I didn't like that.  Mainly because they levelled up from turnovers, PPs, and icings.

There were scoring chances, yea, but not many of them rippled the mesh.  Not even in OT did we finish this!  We had to go to a shoot-out!

Took just 4 shooters after the first 3 failed.  Now international rules allow shooters to be repeated after the first three.  This allowed Coach Babby to put Sidney Crosby back in to shoot.  Not Jonathan Toews the suspected shoot-out specialist, Sidney Crosby the newly arised sniper.

And snipe he did.  After he had knocked back a goal, Brodeur stoned the Suisse shooter to get in it to win it!

Now this has gotten some self-esteem issues out of the way.  After defeating the team that handed us an embarrassing defeat 4 years ago, we have a good bit of emotion put away as we get ready to face the Yankees.



Our jerseys are scarily similar...



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  1. I really like your 2010 Winter Olympic Challenges - you should attempt to do them all and blog about it!
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