Go Big or Go Home

Oddly enough, that isn't an option for the female Canadian Olympians competing in the snowboard cross up in Cypress.  Maëlle Ricker, is from North Vancouver and Cypress is her mountain.

But isn't it ironic that the mountain with the most issues is the one that is bringing us all the gold?  Shows you that complaining gets you nowhere...

Enough of that though, Maëlle is the story I want to talk about.  Her run was strong, but that strength required some intangibles to create.  In Torino, she was a different boarder.  The Ricker we knew in Torino was nothing compared to the Ricker of now.

Today, she started the run with confidence, relaxation, and strong determination.  All of that came together this great day (that was early smuddered by fog) and won us our 2nd gold of the Olympics.  Not once did she doubt her lead, and not once did she doubt that no one could touch her.  If her plan had changed, we probably wouldn't have won gold.  But we did, because she kept her strength together and maintained the strong, steady pace of the lead.  Nearing the end, the competition dwindled down to just two competitors for silver.

Remember where you are everytime Canada wins gold for the very first time on home ice

Where was I?  I was at school.  Answering my questions in French.

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