It's Finally (Officially) HERE!!

C'est vrai!  C'est vrai!  It is here!  "It" as in the Olympics!!  Though I was not fortunate enough to be there, I know a few who were, and I was along the streets of the host city, tearing the town up like I do.

So how is the city that I, and many others, hold dear to their hearts?  How are the people in the city with open arms?  If you want a view from a person who was there, stay close to Cheyenne Smith's blog.

"It's crazy!  Everyone was doubting everything, but now that it's here - it's just crazy!" one woman in the crowd at Robson Square said.

"WOOOO~~!!!" seemed to be unanimous opinion and voice of the people there.  Count me as one.  The Crazy Canucks are certainly out now!!  No use in hiding!  RELEASE YOUR INNER MANIAC!

Car horns bleeped, cameras flashed, people woo-ed; there was no one thing that you can pick on to sum up the feel in just the streets.  But maybe, "woo~!" can suffice, eh?

But of course, there were the protestors.  None of them were blaring their cause out and drone the cheers out.  No, instead they marched their walk and made their message clear, yet mindful.  Does that show us how Canadians are?  Possibly.

Many days ago, I wrote a little paper on what it meant to be Canadian, what it made a person Canadian, and what being Canadian meant.  As I re-read it after all that was presented to the world, it felt inadequate.  I had only just begun to brush the surface of it all.  Words can only do so much; movement, music, and emotions do so much more.

When Shane Koyczan took that stage, all of memories of when I first listened to him, and first met him.  His brilliance, creativity, mind, and charisma.  This poem was just one more that reached my heart once more.

It was amazing to see the flame in all four directions held by 4 amazing athletes!  And then the Great One!  Who better than the Great One, Catriona Le May Doan, Rick Hansen, and Nancy Greene to be the "final" torchbearers?  And who better than the Great One to be the FINAL one?  Truly epitomizes Canada and our values and everything else.

Even though many words and noises were made, none were comparable to what I found in everyone's eyes.  Saying anything here or to anyone would not even graze the tops of the Rockies!  Emotions are meant to be seen, not heard.  Through sight, touch, heart, and mind, we can find so much more than what we say to each other.

In Vancouver/West Coast rain, the flame was lit and remained alit.  Never did it dare to go out on the Great One, and never did it dare go out at all.  The 2010 flame will represent not only Canada, its long journey, and the torchbearers, but also the sacrifices, losses, gains, and everything in between.  As right as rain, as bright as the sun, and as strong as the Great White North.

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KD Lang was brilliant in 'Hallelujah'






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  1. The Opening Ceremonies were phenomenal! My favourite part was when the snowboarder jumped though the rings at the very beginning, a great start to the show! I liked though how they had 3 dress rehearsals that run perfectly smooth, and then when it comes the real thing there has to be technical difficulties. I thought they did a really good job of handling it though and thinking quickly.