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2010 Winter Olympics
Men's Curling Round Robin; Game 1
Canada vs. Norway @ Canada Olympic Centre
7-6 11F

Kevin Martin may be taking part in his 3rd Olympic appearance, but his teammates, John Morrison, Ben Heubert, and Marc Kennedy are taking part in their first Olympic games.

So what does this young team of Canadian curlers have over an older team of Norweigians?

At first, Canada was the favourite, but as the ends passed on, the Norweigians got themselves up to the level of us hosers.  (Yes, I called us hosers.)

We got into a couple of sticky situations, but you could always depend on K-Mart to skip us home!  Even if the shot looked impossible, it was made possible!

The age and experience of the Norway team showed very valuable later on, but it wasn't enough to stop the hot Canadians.  Canadians came back with intelligence, skill, and power I hadn't seen from them before.  Like I said before, the impossible was made possible.  Strength and finesse came together to create Canada.

It took till the very last stone for this game to be settled.  Canada could've lost this one, but K-Mart came up and delivered!

With K-Mart's second, third, and lead being new to the games, there was everything other than the game to take in.  When it came time to throw, they didn't let anything get to them.  But when they just stood to the side in between ends, the electricity was all they could take in.

The wave went around and around more than usual (5 times!) and the cheers erupted from everywhere.  Chants were started from little kids, grandparents, and middle-aged adults.  And everyone took to the cheer for their country.

And even the American fans and the fans to young to really understand knew how this game was played - for Canada.  But that didn't stop them from cheering their team on.






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