Les nouvelles

  •  John Terry (y'know?  The one with the whole affair issue) has been stripped of his captaincy of the Three Lions (that's England's national football team).  FA made an official statement of England's NT's manager Fabio Capello stripping the Blue of his captain title.
  • I'm really starting to hate this guy.  This guy being Tom Hicks.  First it was the Montreal Canadiens (which he sold to the Molson Family (that I'm happy about)), then it was Liverpool FC.  The issue with the Reds got me into a major uproar!  And now the next to be on the guillotin are the Dallas Stars.  The Guardian (who I don't always trust) has reported that Hicks is thinking of selling yet another franchise he's bought.  The Guardian 
  • Now I may not be a big fan of Brian Burke, but I am not that cold-hearted.  Just moments ago, Brian Burke's son, Brendan Burke and his friend, Mark Reedy have died from a head-on collision in Indiana.  My best wishes and my sincerest condolences to the Reedy's, the Burke's, their friends and other family over their deaths.  Burke was just 21; Reedy was just 18.  The Province 
  • Again, just moments ago, Team Canada will advance to the finals of the Scotties Tournament of Hearts once more over a 8-5 win over PEI!
  • The Winnipeg Bluebombers have named Paul LaPolice as their new head coach.  TSN

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