Stop Knockin'! I Ain't Comin'!

As Canadians, the Olympics are amazing!  The brilliance in it all is just electrifying.  No other Winter Olympics can compare to Vancouver!  Even if we don't have the most gold, we have all the more hope, belief, and determination for the best outcome we could possibly get (in any discipline).

So why are there people knocking on us?  No, I don't mean knocking on our doors or knocking on wood; I'm talking about some of the major newsprints outside of our borders giving us the hate.

For all of you readers of any news, remember that there is usally always some slight biasness.  I for one am openly biased for Canada in these games

Somewhere across the 49th parallel, certain major papers have been knockin' on our games.  Words were flown around saying how these were probably the worst Olympics in the history of Winter Olympics.  Event venues malfunctions, cancellation of seats, rescheduling of games, bad snow, drama on and off the venues; the list just keeps going.

So what's up with all the hate?  Just the simple words of American biasness.  Do we look like Gods?  (Don't answer that.)  Do we look like we can control the weather?  Things happen, and the city Vancouver, VANOC, IOC, or anyone else can be blamed.  Are the athletes complaining?  Are the fans complaining (majorly)?  If you want to discrimante, get here and experience it yourself.

All I'm really trying to say is, why are American papers so against our 2010 games?  Sure, there have been some problems, but they were out of our capabilities.

In the new era, we have many problems.  Economic issues and environmental issues are only just some of what's going on in the Olympics this year.  Vancouver really optimised what it had in these difficult situations.  Everything created for the games was made either out of eco-friendly material, or was made to stand the tests of time (like the Olympic oval).

I ask you journalists out there that are feeling the bad side, try to think about the troubles your nation is having.  You ain't so perfect yourselves!

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