Travelling in Your Own Home

So as a Vancouverite (in, quite literally, central Vancouver) I have heard many issues from people all over not just Vancouver, but the Lower Mainland about how are we going to get around and to work during these crazy games.

Have no fear - secret information holder of (a lot of) things!

Yes, that is me.  Not to toot my own horn, but I like to think I know a lot about this city and how to get around things.  Especially when we have issues with traffic.

Having lived in Vancouver for my entire life, I know a few good tricks.  Albeit, I cannot help you with driving.  You're on your own for that for I do not drive!

So rumours have it that to make it to your destination on time, if you're usual travel time is about, say, 30 minutes, plan for an hour to an hour and a-half.  And I say bah to that!

Advice #1:
- My only one for driver's: even if there are more curves, take the route less travelled.  Odds are the back-streets and neighbourhood streets have a lot less traffic because honestly, they aren't very known or less deceptive.

Advice #2:
- If you must take the busy roads, double your travel time and add a cushion time just in case.

Advice #3:
- Refrain from using your car, taxi, and the bus if possible.  With all the predicted congested traffic, taking either of those options will not get you anywhere faster.  Instead, try biking, car pooling, and/or walking.  I personally get everywhere I need to by walking.  From central Vancouver, it takes me about 30 minutes to walk to Downtown Eastside; 45-50 to the Westside.

Advice #4:
- If you are going to walk, see if you can take the inside streets.

Advice #5:
- Don't cause any accidents!  The less accidents we have, the less stoppages will there be and less police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks will the in the way.

If you need any questions on trying to shorten your travel time, email the guru at addy.estrada@gmail.com.  Mind you, I do not drive so any advice I have on that is limited.

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