You Can't Stop Me Now!


Today was a good day.  But an especially good day for Canadians to watch.  Shall we go through the day step by step?  OK!

It started early in the morning at the Vancouver Olympic Centre where the women were curling.  Canada defeated Great Brtiain 6-5 after extra ends.  12 hours later, Team Canada was hitting the sheet once again; this time against Russia.  That, too, ended in a win for the Canadians.  The Russians were toppled by a score of 7-3 after 9 ends.  All but 1 loss has Canada heading into the semi-finals against Switzerland.

In the men's alpine skiing giant slalom, we may not have won any medals, but the feat Erik Guay climbed from 29th spot to finish 16.  Guay was just 1.8 seconds behind the gold medalist, Switzerland's Carlo Janka.  Just goes to show how much a second can make.

Then at Cypress, it actually SNOWED!  The white stuff that Vancouver missed out on this year happened up in Cypress!  But that wasn't the only sight to behold.  At the Ladies' ski cross finals, Canada clinched gold with Ashleigh McIvor stepping up early and taking the big lead right off of Aztec.  McIvor became Canada's first ladies' gold medal in ski cross.  In the small finals of the same event, Canada's Kelsey Serwa got first.

Like mentioned in an earlier post, Canada's two-man bobsleigh teams pretty much dominated at Whistler.  Canada's Kallie Humphries and Heather Moyse set a new track record at 53.01 in heat 2 with a total time of 1:46.2.  If you haven't realised, that's pretty darn quick!  Three track records were set today and all but the last was topped.  When Germany's Martini and Logsch didn't defeat USA's Pac and Meyers' time, it was up to Canada.  And we delivered!  While one team heads into the next round in the top spot, our second team of Brown and Upperton comes in at 4th.  We ain't doing to shabby, eh?

After a very emotional past couple of days, Joannie Rochette and other female figure skaters hit the ice.  None with more emotion than Joannie.  A very damn near perfect routine gave Joannie the 3rd spot, but not without a little emotion.  I think it was neccessary for her to let it all out after her routine.  She skated for her mother, and her country stood behind her every single jump, step, and turn of the way.  But when the music stopped and so did the skating, all of her emotions came back and overwhelmed her.  Emotions of a warrior was what pushed Joannie to do as well as she did.  She set herself up quite nicely, but there is still quite a bit away from gold.

In the early afternoon, Canada's men's curling team hit the sheets.  Kevin Martin and his crew have gone undefeated and with a win will head straight into the semifinals.  Against the not so threatening Chinese, K-Mart looked to making the match a quick one in time to watch the Germany/Canada hockey game.  And quick it was as he and his team defeated the Chinese 3-10 after 7 ends!  That's called bloody brilliance!  But what else could you expect from K-Mart?

Now the big enchilada... is in another post!!

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