And They are On Their Way

Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games
Canada vs. Italy @ UBC Thunderbird Arena
4-0 Final 

After an inspirational night at the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies, Canada got off to a good start on the ice.  The pace and skaters might be different from what Olympic watchers are used to, but you can bet your dollar bottoms that there is every bit as much passion in the game we call our own.

First period was a bit worrying for some Canadian fans.  As a nationlist, I like many wanted an insurance goal.  Instead of that, it was a washy period.

The first 15 minutes were spent all over the ice!  Our PP didn't look as good as it should/could be and it was like watching fresh arms come back from a lazy off-season.  But despite the issues you could see, we had the early lead (1-0).

The third period went a lot better.  After Marc Dorion's first goal, Canada started getting the goals that we should've been getting earlier (instead of posts).  Greg Westlake got the next two for the Canadians, and for a nice ending to the tale, Jean Labonté scored the final goal.

But we know how good Canadians play their game, but what of the Italians?

The Italians were a good team in the first, but as the Canadians got their game back, they started to fade.  In the beginning, the Italians had the intelligence on the ice.  Their PK was very good as they killed all of their 5 penalties handed to them throughout the entire game.

Goaltending in the Italian end wasn't half-bad either (ours was just better) and was what kept the previous host country in contention.

Just goes to show that even the underdogs can surprise you.  They do that a lot and throw my predictions out the window sometimes.

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  1. I have a strong feeling that Canada's gunna sweep the hockey golds :)