A Big 'YES!'

A very big 'YES!' is need to be said from me!  After John Terry got caught with the affairs with his former England NT team-mate, JT was stripped of his captain title on the Three Lions.

Fabio Capello was faced with a decision: who would be the new captain?

There were many options; he could've always gone back to pick David Beckham.  Or John Terry's team-mate on Chelsea, Frank Lampard (personally, I don't like him.  Then again, I don't like England).  Maybe David James?  Or Liverpool's captain, Steven Gerrard.

In the end, Capello chose the right one: Steven Gerrard.

At Liverpool, Stevie G has shown great leadership over the years.  Even when he was injured, he wouldn't miss a game for the world (unless he was dying).  His great leadership has brought his team to win numerous titles that I don't want to repeat at this late (early?) hour.

Does this mean I'll start cheering for the Three Lions?  Heck no!  I'm sticking to La Furia Roja!

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