For Those Non-Sport Fans...

... This one's for you.

Taking advantage of my Spring Break, I've spent countless hours past the time I should be asleep.  One of those restless nights I spent watching a movie that had caught my attention long ago: Mulan

Yes.  According to the picture, this isn't the Mulan a lot of us watched as a kid.  This isn't from Disney.

Let me deeter away from the topic for a moment; Disney has not come out with an incredible movie for AGES!  And I mean AGES!  Last good movie I saw from them, I was still in single-digit ages.  So I have not seen a Disney movie (that has been released recently) for a long, long, long time.

Don't get me wrong; I liked the Disney version of Mulan.  But this adaptation of Mulan is much more raw and truthful.  It also serves a lot more to the other emotions and more indepth aspects of the movie.

For those not into the foreign films, don't watch.  This is for those willing to read the subtitles (or listen to the Mandarin if you can) to follow the story.  (I have a thing for foreign flicks.)

Mulan brought out emotions I never thought would come out.  The acting wasn't as excellent as I would like it to be, but it was pretty damn close!  Is a 9.3/10 good enough for ya'?

There were moments where I found the transitions quite sloppy, but the directing and plot was very, very well-executed.  I could not expect more from this brillance.

There are many things I wished to go on about, but you would get bored and not read it all.  So I leave you with an incentive to watch this great film and a 9.5/10 rating!

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  1. You are so diverse with your posts, and are knowledgable in pretty well every topic. I'm jelous!