Game of the Night (Pt. II)

Ottawa Senators vs. Vancouver Canucks @ GM Place
1-5 Final

The Canucks are back home after being away for 6 weeks!  Tonight, they dropped the puck against the currently slumping Sens in their home return.

Kevin Bieksa makes his return home too, 8 games ahead of schedule.

Half-way through this game, both the teams looked like visiting teams.  Canucks couldn't find their feet for a good 10 minutes, and the Sens were depending on Pascal Leclaire to bail them out of situations.  But with 5 minutes left, Canucks had something big happen for them.

Our high-energy fourth-line never fails to do its duties.  With 5 left on the clock, Ryan Johnson, Darcy Hordichuk, and Rick Rypien had an AMAZING two scoring chances!  It was as if Leclaire was holding Lady Luck's hand to keep those shots out of the net.

Like every hot team out there, there is the hot player that rides a coaster higher than the team.  The Habs have Gomez, the Canucks have Mikael Samuelsson.  And riding that very hot streak he scores one from the middle slot with a hard wrister on the PP for the game's opening goal.

Ottawa answered with a beauty of  goal from Jason Spezza.  I don't know what happened to Vancouver there, but it looked as if Andrew Alberts and Sami Salo were asleep.  From the Senators blue-line all the way to the Vancouver end-boards, Jason Spezza danced right in and beat Roberto Luongo for the goal.  As much as I didn't like it, we only had ourselves to blame, and it was a very nice goal by Spezz.

Spezza's goal didn't put a damper on our parade.  Always beating our bests, Alex Burrows is the very epitome of that.  Ottawa's rookie d-man Erik Karlsson had one-too-many moves at the offensive blue-line, he was stripped of the puck by the Vancouver PKers.  Burrows picked up the chipped puck at centre ice and took advantage of the short-handed breakaway!  Pascal Leclaire looked stunned and stalk as Burrows pulled one of his two breakaway moves and beat Leclaire high, blocker-side!

Tonight, the Vancouver fourth line was alive!  First giving some pretty good scoring chances, now with a fight.  Rick Rypien and Chris Neil dropped the gloves.  Chris Neil a very good middle-weight skater, went up against probably the best pound-for-pound in the NHL!  The fight was a good one.  Both came out with a fury of punches, but Rypper was landing the BOMBS!  (LQ vid)

Tonight was one heck of a homecoming from the boys and men of Vancouver.  I couldn't complain much (except for that Spezza goal).  But if I was an Ottawa fan, I would find many notes to start a rant on (which I won't because I am not).

3 stars:
(1) Mikael Samuelsson
(2) Sami Salo
(3) Daniel Sedin


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