Game of the Night

Montreal Canadiens vs. San Jose Sharks @ HP Pavilion at San Jose
2-3 Final
Whomever said that Carey Price should be traded, or be the back-up to Jaroslav Halak for the rest of the season, can shut their mouths right now!

All you doubters can just shut your traps (at least, for now).  Carey Price was just spectacular tonight!  He played with a confidence that only a very confident goalie can play with.  And that confidence was contagious amongst his team-mates as the rest of the Habs played with an emotion I had not seen all season.

Remember back in the day (about 2-ish years ago), Carey Price had that really hot year as a rookie?  Well tonight, he was BETTER than that!

Carey had control over his game and the game before him.  Yes, he could thank his posts and crossbar for a couple of lucky saves, but every other save was all Price.

But as much as I was impressed with this game, I was equally as disappointed.  How can I admire and look down upon my T-1st favourite team?  Just as easily as the game of hockey can turn ugly (and I'm talking about the cowardly style of hockey).

First period, everything was going mediocre (at least for me).  The second, things got a little more heated - but it was a good heated!  The emotion and boistrousness of the period really set things up well for the third.  In English terms, I guess the second period was a foreshadow to the third.

In the final frame, things got really tense and heated just 5 minutes in.  One of my favourite guys, Max Lapierre, made a very, very cowardly play.  Like, I'm all for aggressive play and nature and all, but that was just stupid!  You don't cross-check someone like that!  That's just not done!  I'm no pro-hockey player, but I know the code like the side of my hand.  A play as lowly as that does not have a place in the game.  Sorry, Max, but that was not right.

But back to the goaltending scenario: Carey was damn good!  A couple of soft ones went in, but if it wasn't for the spectacle he put on earlier, it would've been a totally different game.  And not only did Price play well, but so did our defence.

In the dying moments of the game though, San Jose changed the momentum.  They took the lead and Evgeny Nabokov thrived off of that, and made some spectacular saves of his own.  In the end, they took the game and left the Habs without a point.

It sucked - the loss.  To have the lead for so long and then losing it in just moments - especially when you play so well for so damn long!  But Max kinda blew our thunder out when it shouldn't have been.  If I could, I would have words with you, M Lapierre.  But big props for Carey Price!  You proved my beliefs right!

3 stars:
(1) Patrick Marleau
(2) Dany Heatley
(3) Carey Price 


Dan Boyle had a busy night, putting up big ice time.  Also had some good chances and created chances.  But this basically showed how the scoresheet looked for him:


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